Chemical anchoring process


Drilling - clearing holes - placing the drug tube - dri […]

Drilling - clearing holes - placing the drug tube - drilling the bolt - gel process - hardening process - fixing the object
1. Drilling: According to the design requirements, according to the spacing of the paper and the margin, the hole is drilled on the base layer. The hole diameter and hole depth must meet the design requirements.
2. Clear the hole: Use a tool such as an air pressure blower to remove the floating ash and dust from the hole and keep the hole clean.
3. Insert the drug tube: Insert the drug tube into the clean hole and use the hose when the resin can flow normally under hand temperature.
4. Drill the bolt: Screw the screw into the screw until the medicine flows out. Electric drills generally use impact drills or hand drills. At this time, the bolt is screwed in, the drug tube is broken, the resin, the curing agent and the quartz particles are mixed, and the gap between the anchor and the wall of the hole is filled. At the same time, the anchor bolt can also be inserted into the wet hole, but the water must be drained out of the borehole, and the waiting time for the gelling process and the hardening process must be doubled.
5. Gel process: keep the installation tool intact, and the chemical reaction time is provided by the manufacturer.
6. Hardening process: Remove the installation tool and wait for the agent to harden. See the manufacturer's parameters for the chemical reaction time.
7. Fix the object: After the agent is completely hardened, add the washer and the hex nut to fix the object.

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