Anchor bolt construction considerations


1. Anchor bolt construction environment 2. Determine th […]

1. Anchor bolt construction environment
2. Determine the anchor position
After the original structure, components are cleaned and trimmed, the position of the anchor bolt shall be determined according to the design drawings; if the steel bar is equipped with reinforcement, it shall be detected whether it has any influence on the borehole. If there is any impact, the design unit should be notified immediately.
In order to avoid the damage of the steel rods in the original component when the anchor bolt is drilled, and to ensure the quality of the anchor bolt drilling, the components with the steel bars should be detected. When there is steel bar at the hole position of the anchor bolt, the design unit should be notified to the site for treatment. .
3. Drilling
For the drilling of anchor bolts, the drill bit and supporting tools specified in the product manual shall be used and shall be operated in accordance with the drilling requirements specified in the manual. The selection of the specified drill bit and supporting tools is the basic guarantee for the construction quality; in addition, the specifications of the drill bits used for different types of anchor bolts are not the same.

Please strictly observe the standard hole diameter and depth. It is worth noting that the anchor hole diameter deviation of the anchor bolt is too large, and it is difficult to have a locking effect between the hole wall and the anchor bolt. The consequence is that it affects the load carrying capacity of the anchor. Therefore, the quality of the holes should be increased to minimize the deviation of the holes.
4. Substrate processing
The cleaning of the surface of the substrate and the anchor hole is directly related to the reliability of the connection between the anchor and the substrate. If the dust and debris caused by drilling are not cleaned, it will be difficult for the rear-expanded mechanical anchor to be completely in close contact with the hole wall and the bottom of the hole. When the anchor is subjected to external force, it will loosen or Displacement. Therefore, it should be cleaned up in accordance with this specification and design requirements.
To prevent the fixing strength from decreasing, be sure to remove the dust from the holes. Anchor hole of the anchor bolt, use compressed air or manual air cylinder to remove the dust in the hole; if the compressed gas can only blow out the floating ash in the hole, it is difficult to clear the dust attached to the inner wall of the hole, so please use the brush.

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