Anchor bolt material


1. General anchor bolts are made of Q235 steel. Althoug […]

1. General anchor bolts are made of Q235 steel. Although not the strongest, it is more convenient in making the shape and details of the anchor bolts. Q235 steel is a carbon structural steel, which can be used directly without heat treatment under normal circumstances. It is a very convenient steel.

2.Q345 rebar. It is a low-cohesive steel, which is harder. And has good mechanical properties, low temperature, plasticity and weldability are relatively good. Can be widely used in various industries.

3. Low-alloy high-strength structural steel (16Mn), its carbon content and gold content are relatively small. The main materials are: manganese material, silicon material, vanadium material, etc. Because of its low alloy content, the weldability is better than ordinary alloy materials, so no preheating is required in welding applications.

4.40Cr steel. Compared with the above several steels, the strength of the anchor bolts made with it is the highest. And it has good comprehensive mechanical properties after some special treatments, toughness is better under low temperature conditions, and it also has good sensitivity to notches.

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