Basic procedures for anchor bolt installation


1. Firstly, professional technicians should follow the […]

1. Firstly, professional technicians should follow the relevant design requirements to formulate standards that meet the requirements for the number, type, type and material of anchor bolts;
2. After purchasing the anchor bolts that meet the requirements, we should ask the engineering technicians to perform relevant standard measurements, and then design the location and height of the anchor bolts that need to be embedded based on the measured data;
3. Before installing the anchor bolts, the staff should first support the fixed bracket, and the bottom of the bracket must be welded firmly to form a system that meets the standards. In addition, it must ensure that the fixed bracket has a strong Stability and sufficient stiffness;
4. After the relevant bracket is fixed, you can start the anchor bolt installation procedure. When installing the anchor bolt, you must fix the center position of the anchor bolt according to the relevant positioning line, and then start adjusting the non-compliant bolts. local. And take the right method to reinforce it firmly;
5. After the anchor bolts are installed, the staff should use professional measuring equipment to adjust the anchor bolts multiple times. Ensure that the level and elevation of the anchor bolts can meet the requirements;
6. After confirming that all the anchor bolts are installed, after detailed inspection to ensure that the relevant requirements are met, weld the bottom of the anchor bolts firmly. Relevant strengthening measures are usually carried out on bolt brackets.

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