Chemical anchors are not safe, and there are two main aspects


First, the safety hazard caused by the shortage of chem […]

First, the safety hazard caused by the shortage of chemical anchors themselves.
Regarding the fire resistance of chemical anchor bolts, it has always been a concern. In some products, chemical agents contain a large amount of styrene. The material is unstable after heat, which directly affects the fire resistance of chemical anchor bolts. The price is low and the quality is unstable. The storage time is short and it is not resistant to aging. In addition, there are currently two kinds of chemical agents on the market, one is a plastic hose, the other is a glass tube, the glass can be used as a fine aggregate, which can be fully utilized, and the glass package is easy to see the inner component. Not expired, it's easy to see, but the cost of glass packaging is more expensive than plastic.
Second, the impact of the operation during the construction process on the strength of chemical anchors
1. Excessive agitation has a great influence on the fixing strength of the chemical anchor bolt. The buried depth mark must be made on the bolt. When the bolt symbol is screwed into the hole surface, it should be stopped in time;
2. The cleaning of the dust in the hole has a great influence on the chemical anchor;
3. The larger the hole diameter, the lower the drawing load will be;
4. In the drilling operation, when there is a honeycomb hole, it is necessary to move to another position without further affecting the original hole and continue drilling. Insert the specified chemical anchor bolt, pull out the screw with a screw of the specified diameter, stir immediately, insert a chemical anchor again, embed the screw again, stir until the resin mixture overflows to the vicinity of the orifice, and immediately stop the construction and stirring. action.

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