Classification and role of anchor bolts


Effect When a mechanical component is installed on a co […]

When a mechanical component is installed on a concrete foundation, the J-shaped and L-shaped ends of the bolt are buried in the concrete for use.
The tensile capacity of the anchor bolt is the tensile capacity of the round steel itself. The size equal to the cross-sectional area multiplied by the allowable stress value (Q235B: 140MPa, 16Mn or Q345: 170MPA) is the allowable tensile bearing capacity during design.
Anchor bolts can be divided into fixed anchor bolts, movable anchor bolts, anchor anchor bolts and bonded anchor bolts. Among them, they are divided into: L-shaped embedded bolts, 9-shaped embedded bolts, J-shaped anchor bolts, U-shaped embedded bolts, welded embedded bolts, and floor embedded bolts.
Of course, the anchor bolt is to fix the object, so no matter how much its shape changes, it is to increase the friction and make the fixed object stronger.

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