Classification of anchor bolts


Anchor bolts can be divided into fixed, movable, expand […]

Anchor bolts can be divided into fixed, movable, expanded anchors and bonded. According to the different shapes, it is divided into: L-type pre-embedded bolts, 9-shaped pre-embedded bolts, U-shaped pre-embedded bolts, welded pre-embedded bolts, and pre-embedded bolts on the bottom plate.

Anchor bolts are a very common bolt, and manufacturers that basically make fasteners produce and process anchor bolts. Therefore, the competition for anchor bolts has become very large. Since every manufacturer can produce and process anchor bolts, the competition for anchor bolts is reflected. Whoever has lower prices has advantages, who Whoever has good product quality will have to take the lead. In order to have a place in the huge fastener market, and hope to have a long-term foothold in the market, you must have your own brand awareness. In today's society, brand and added value are the two major directions of global enterprises in the new round of competition. Of course, we also call anchor bolts in the industry. However, in our country's industry status, we are not optimistic about the current situation. The current fastener industry is in a weak state in terms of brand building, competitiveness in value added and comparison between international counterparts. Therefore, the enterprises in our country must recognize the development situation of the industry and solve the difficulties encountered as much as possible to lay a solid foundation for the deepening of the industry.

Installation of the anchor bolts The loosening of the anchor bolts in the foundation may loosen the bolts when the anchor bolts are tightened. In this case, the bolts should be adjusted to the original position and the foundation around the bolts should be scooped out enough. Then, the two U-shaped steel bars are welded vertically and horizontally on the bolts, and finally the pits are cleaned and grouted with water.

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