What are the glass curtain wall installation accessories?


After the installation, the panel is installed (if the […]

After the installation, the panel is installed (if the embedded part will be ignored), the chemical anchor bolt and the expansion bolt are used. The chemical anchor bolt has a set of medicament, screw, flat washer and nut. The expansion bolt has a flat washer, a spring washer and a nut. .

Install the glass vertical aluminum keel, which is usually connected by steel adapter. The steel adapter and the aluminum keel are separated by 2mm rubber blocks. The screw is connected by the screw. Generally, the M12 stainless steel screw is used to calculate the size. Ping a bomb with a nut.

Beam installation, generally through the angle of aluminum using a screw fixed, generally with M6 stainless steel screw, with two flat one and one nut.

If it is a hidden frame curtain wall, the glass compact will be used when the glass is installed. The fixing method of the glass compact is determined according to the form of the column and the beam. Generally, the M6 self-tapping nail is fixed and the M6 stainless steel bolt is fixed, and the stainless steel bolt is matched with a flat. One bullet and one nut. If it is a framed curtain wall, there will be no such item.

  The hardware used in conventional glass curtain walls is the same (except for point glass)

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