The difference between mechanical anchor bolts and expansion bolts is understood at a time


The main difference between the two:    1, the principl […]

The main difference between the two:

   1, the principle of force is different

   The mechanical anchor allows a smooth screw to be used to force the force with a mechanical locking force;

   The expansion bolt mainly generates friction by pressing, and the force is applied.

   2, the anchoring depth is different

   The anchoring depth of the mechanical anchor is less than 10d;

   The depth of the expansion bolt is mainly determined according to the concrete strength and expansion bolt specifications.

   Due to the stress concentration of the concrete during the use of the expansion bolt, the probability of damage is greatly increased and the structure is unsafe. Therefore, the expansion bolt cannot be used for cracking concrete. So now it has basically been banned in the design of curtain walls, etc. If you want to review the drawings, the expansion bolts will definitely not pass.

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