Different treatment methods of anchor bolt heat treatment


Anchor bolts have the following three different methods […]

Anchor bolts have the following three different methods during heat treatment. They are three kinds of steel, quenched and tempered steel, spring steel, and carburized steel. These steels have different temperatures during heat treatment and quenching.
Then we know to choose low carbon, that is, alloy steel is tempered at a low temperature below 250 degrees Celsius after quenching. Medium carbon steel is used with relatively high carbon content.
After quenching, high temperature (500 to 650 degrees Celsius) tempering (the so-called quenching and tempering treatment) is used. This process can make the anchor bolts maintain sufficient strength under high plasticity, so use This kind of steel is generally called quenched and tempered steel.
If you want the anchor bolts to obtain high strength, that is, to make the anchor bolts harder, but rather reduce the plasticity and toughness, low-temperature tempering treatment can be adopted for the gold-containing quenching and tempering treatment with lower carbon content, and the so-called "super High-strength steel".
If the carbon content is between medium carbon and high carbon steel, such as 60 steel and 70 steel, and some high carbon steels are 80 steel and 90 steel, if these steels are used to make springs, then In order to ensure a relatively high elastic limit, yield limit and fatigue limit, it is necessary to use intermediate temperature tempering after quenching to complete this standard.

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