Elevation control positioning of anchor bolts


The anchor bolt is one of the mainstream pre-embedded p […]

The anchor bolt is one of the mainstream pre-embedded parts. It is mainly used in the construction of the building base. When the anchor bolt is embedded, it also needs to be operated in strict accordance with the pre-specified requirements. Today we mainly talk about the control of the anchor bolt height. When we bury the anchor bolts in the concrete foundation layer of the building, the length of the local bolts is not much different from that of the pillars. The distance between the bottom of the bolts and the concrete cushion becomes very short. At this time, it can be at the bottom of the anchor bolts. Weld a certain length of steel. We need to use the spirit level to flatten the anchor bolts in advance. This is to determine the length of the section where the steel bars are taken. Then, after the spot welding of the steel bars, the flat steel bars are inspected. After the correctness, it is necessary to weld them firmly. It is better to Check the bolts after they are placed.

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