Fasteners such as U-bolts are the most widely used parts


Fasteners such as U-shaped bolts and American-made bolt […]

Fasteners such as U-shaped bolts and American-made bolts are the most widely used parts. Some fasteners can be found in various machinery, equipment, vehicles, ships, instruments, meters and supplies. Fasteners are characterized by a wide range of specifications, different functions, and standardization, which have also become standard parts.

Fasteners are widely used mechanical basic parts. Follow China into the ranks of major international trade nations. Many Chinese fastener products are exported to countries around the world, and fastener products from all over the world are also pouring into Chinese shopping malls. Fasteners, as one of China’s large import and export commodities, are in line with international standards, which are of great practical significance to promote Chinese fastener companies to the world and promote fastener companies to fully participate in international cooperation and competitions. Strategic significance.

China's fastener industry will still face continued pressure and challenges, but at the same time, it has also accelerated the industry reshuffle, the survival of the fittest, which is conducive to improving industrial concentration, promoting the advancement of skills, optimizing the development model, and making the company more focused on enhancing independence Innovative ability and core competence.

At present, China's national economic construction is entering a new stage of development, and advanced production represented by large aircraft, large power generation equipment, cars, high-speed trains, large ships, and large complete sets of equipment will also enter an important development direction. As a result, the use of high-strength fasteners will rapidly increase. However, if fastener companies want to improve their product skills, it is necessary to start from the improvement of equipment and skills, and carry out "micro-transformation", whether in type, type, or application range, they must develop in a more diversified direction.

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