Hook manufacturing method for anchor bolts


1. Stamping mold forming: This type of method is more s […]

1. Stamping mold forming: This type of method is more suitable for the specifications and models that are relatively small, and the bending machine cannot be bent. However, the order information for mass production is more suitable for manual bending. Since the processing method of stamping mold forming must be made with abrasive tools, the cost of mass production will increase. Its advantages over manual bending are faster delivery and better radian control.

 2. Immediately use a bending machine to bend: it is the most common processing method, and most of the bends of anchor bolts use this method. The advantages of this type of processing method: accurate positioning according to the abrasive tool, high accuracy, and the specifications of the same batch of goods are basically the same. If the arc of the anchor bolt hook is specified, it can be guaranteed. In addition, processing is faster and lower cost. Defects: Not suitable for those where the anchor bolts go straight above Ф50mm, or the length of the anchor bolts is below 200mm.

3. After the head is warmed, use a bending machine to bend it: for large-scale models of anchor bolts that exceed Ф50mm, and the material is better, such as Q345, 16Mn, etc., you need to warm the part of the hook first Further bending is beneficial to the forming of the hook. However, because this method requires heating and firing, the processing rate is very slow, the processing cycle time is long, and the cost is relatively high.

4. Manual bending: It is more suitable for short and long anchor bolts. Because the length of the anchor bolt is too short, it cannot be accurately positioned and bent according to the abrasive tool, so only manual bending is used. The cost of this type of processing is relatively high and the rate is slow.

Generally speaking, the length of a part of the hook needs to exceed 4 times of the straight length of the anchor bolt. Unlike anchor plate anchors, GB799 anchor bolts, straight hook anchor bolts, and hook anchor bolts are pulled in the mud by the hook brain to lift the anchor bolts when the embedded parts are installed. Dip and friction effect.

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