How about the fixing effect of the anchor bolts?


Anchor bolts refer to bolt members with right-angled ho […]

Anchor bolts refer to bolt members with right-angled hooks at the lower end, possibly L- and U-bolts. The anchor bolts have the function of increasing the anchorage, thereby increasing the load-bearing load of the equipment, so it also has a good stabilizing effect in sports and earthquakes.

Therefore, equipment anchor bolts play a very important role in ensuring the safe transportation of goods and prolonging the service life of valuable appliances. Especially during factory construction, most anchor bolts need to be added to hold large machinery in the air.

This is because these machines are too heavy and have a high center of gravity. There is a strong feeling during operation, and the center of gravity changes with the feeling. It will cause trouble overnight. Therefore, high-speed equipment needs to be firmly fixed to the foundation. Avoid collapsing.

The connection between the large equipment and the foundation is mainly completed by the equipment anchor bolts. After a simple adjustment of the shims, it is necessary to measure and orient the equipment that requires the use of anchor bolts in a straight line, and then firmly fix the equipment by grouting. Adjustments can only be made after sufficient fixation to ensure that industrial equipment does not feel or collapse due to overspeed during operation, thereby improving the stability of equipment operation.

In addition, in order to ensure the quality of the bolts embedded in the foundation tower, great attention should be paid to the selection of anchor bolts and equipment technology. According to different types of use plans and technical methods, from the size of the construction hole to the depth of concrete burial, the construction quality of the equipment is strictly controlled in terms of demoulding and inspection. Anchor bolts must be used.

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