How to deal with the deviation of the anchor bolt height


1. When the bolt is too high, the upper part must be di […]

1. When the bolt is too high, the upper part must be divided to re-thread. When threading, it is necessary to prevent the oil from dripping onto the concrete foundation and affecting the quality of the foundation.

2. When the bolt is low and the deviation value is not large (within 15mm), the bolt can be baked with oxyacetylene and then elongated. The lengthening method is to use two stacks of pads as the support, and then a steel plate with holes in the middle is placed on the anchor bolts, and the upper part is tightened with a nut, and the bolt is redened by the force of tightening the nut. . The bolt diameter must be reinforced with 2 to 3 steel plates. If the equipment has been placed on the foundation and is inconvenient to move, if the flange strength of the frame is sufficient, the nut can be tightened directly on the base to lengthen the bolt. When screwed to the appropriate length, the nut must be loosened to prevent the bolt from pulling too much after cooling and even fracturing the base flange.

If the bolt is too low (15mm below its required height), if it cannot be stretched by heating method, a deep pit can be dug around the bolt, the bolt is cut at about 100mm from the bottom of the pit, and a newly made bolt is welded. Meet the requirements and then reinforce with round steel. The length of the reinforced round steel is generally 4 to 5 times the diameter of the bolt.

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