How to deal with the problem of rusty combination screws?


When brown rust spots (spots) appear on the surface of […]

When brown rust spots (spots) appear on the surface of the combined screw, people are surprised: "The combined screw does not rust, and the rusty combined screw can be a problem with steel." In fact, this is a one-sided error and lack of understanding of combined screws. Certain conditions for rusting of combined screws.

Combining screws with the ability to resist oxidation in the atmosphere---not rust, but also has the ability to resist acid, alkali, saline media, corrosion resistance-corrosion resistance. But its corrosion-resistant steel has its own chemical composition size, which increases mutual status, utilization and environmental media types and changing conditions. Because 304 steel pipe has good corrosion resistance in a dry and clean atmosphere, it will be moved to the beach area with a lot of salt and fog, and it will quickly rust; while 316 steel pipe performs well. Therefore, there is no combination screw of any kind, the ability to corrode and rust in any environment.

The combination screw is a thin layer of stratum surface and the stability of the fine solid chromium-rich oxide film (protective film), in order to prevent the penetration and oxidation of oxygen atoms to obtain corrosion resistance. Once for some reason, this film is continuously destroyed, the air or liquid oxygen atoms will continue to infiltrate or the metal iron atoms and the iron oxide formed loosely from it will continue to corrode on the metal surface.

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