How to install anchor bolts accurately?


1. Control accuracy This method adopts the method of mo […]

1. Control accuracy
This method adopts the method of mold making, that is, standardized operation specifications. First, based on the size of the bolt, the high precision of the mold is unified. Whether it is directly buried or after the method is buried, it has an integrated mold. Accuracy and standardization, the operation process is a transition mode, that is, after the copy is completed, the rest is copied in batches according to the standard.
2. Independent bracket system installation
Compared with the first method, the stand-alone system installation is more like an operating system, just a manual. The installation of the independent support system makes the entire anchor bolt into a whole, and the method process is also a transition mode.
3. Condensation pouring stage
Repeated measurement with a spirit level. This step is self-cultivation. The patience of workers and the cultural and quality characteristics of the construction team can easily measure the level of repeated but repeated measurement. To achieve excellence requires the attention of workers, management, and work The leader added a Haoyue template and made a code of conduct manual for workers to implement.
4. Improve instrument accuracy
Good use of tools is more effective. Choose the instruments produced by regular manufacturers. Generally, large manufacturers have their own standard methods of use. Zeng Hao recommends choosing the common ones on the market.

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