How to install the anchor bolts?


1. Equipment and related requirements for installation. […]

1. Equipment and related requirements for installation. In the process of anchor bolt construction and installation, the most critical link is the instrument measurement control, and the installation process involves a large number of instruments and equipment, and has high requirements for its operation. Therefore, precise control of the instrument and proficient operation of measuring tools such as theodolite and level are the professional skills that the installer must have before taking the job. The engineering quality of anchor bolts is directly related to the operation and safety of industrial equipment. During installation, every effort should be made to avoid data errors and make the installation as accurate as possible. In this way, the operator needs to fix the bracket, fine-tune the bolts, and do the preliminary debugging work during the installation process to ensure the subsequent installation quality.
2. Fixing of bolts. The fixing of the anchor bolts is the first step of installation. Firstly, check the anchor bolts, remove the dirt and oil stains on the surface of the galvanized layer together, and apply lubricant to the threads to check whether the bolts and nuts match. During the fixing process, be careful not to mix dust and debris into the bolt holes, otherwise the debris will be brought into the grouting process at this time. Then it is necessary to grouting the bolts in one piece through pressure electromagnetic sensing. At this time, it should be noted that the lower hook should be at a distance of two fingers wide from the bottom to prevent the gap from being too small to fill up during grouting. If the equipment is installed in the basement or the concrete floor on the foundation, the anchor bolt hooks should be hooked on the steel bars. If the equipment does not have steel bars, use round steel to cross the hook instead.
3. Determine the elevation of the bolt mounting frame. Deviations in the installation of industrial equipment are common. Different construction projects have different allowable ranges of deviations. The installation errors of anchor bolts are more closely controlled. This requires special attention during the installation process. When measuring the elevation, it is necessary to measure the four corners of the top surface of each steel frame separately. If the measured elevation is found to be lower than the design elevation, a thin steel plate or iron sheet should be added to reduce the error. After the height of the frame meets the requirements, the lower part of the steel frame and the embedded parts on the base platform are welded and fixed. After welding, pay attention to cleaning up and check all matters on the technical clarification text with relevant personnel.

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