How to install wedge anchor in concrete?


drilling: To install a wedge anchor in concrete, a hole […]

To install a wedge anchor in concrete, a hole must be drilled in the concrete. Hammer and carbide drill bits in the hammer drill in the rotary mode must be used to drill holes to ensure proper hole size and consistency. Using standard rotary drills to drill holes in concrete may produce unsuitable holes and may not meet the tolerance requirements of wedge anchors. The tolerance between the hole size and the wedge anchor size is important for the wedge anchor to obtain its holding value.
The hole diameter of the wedge anchor is equal to the diameter of the installed wedge anchor; a 3/4 inch wedge anchor requires a 3/4 inch hole.
Carbide tool tips must comply with ANSI standards to ensure proper tolerances between hole diameter and wedge anchor.
The hole must be cleared to ensure the correct installation of the wedge anchor.
Make sure that the depth of the hole is at least 1/2 greater than the depth of the wedge anchor through the concrete. This extra space will ensure that the wedge anchor will not bottom out in the hole and leave room for dust to fall into the dust generated during the installation of the wedge anchor.
Insert the wedge anchor:
Directly into the concrete-After drilling in the concrete, the wedge-shaped anchor can be inserted into the hole.
Screw a nut onto the threaded end of the wedge anchor to protect the thread when hit by a hammer.
Insert the wedge anchor (expansion clip first) into the hole.
Hit the nut end of the wedge anchor with a hammer until at least 5 to 6 threads are below the concrete surface.

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