How to Install Wedge Anchors?


To install Wedge Anchors, you will need to drill a hole […]

To install Wedge Anchors, you will need to drill a hole with a carbide drill bit and a hammer drill. Make sure the diameter of the hole is the same as that of the anchor. Clean the hole with compressed air or a vacuum before inserting the anchor. Start with the end that is clipped and tap it with a hammer until five or six threads are below the surface. Once installed, you are ready to move on to the next step in your building project.

When installing wedge anchors, you will want to be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Tolerance is critical to the performance of the anchor. A hammer drill or a carbide-tipped masonry bit will provide the best results. Make sure the drill bit meets ANSI standards. Once the bit has penetrated the concrete, you will need to align it with the anchor's threaded stud.

Wedge Anchors are available in several materials and should be chosen according to the environment in which they will be installed. Wedge anchors made of 304 stainless steel will resist rust better than those made of zinc. However, hot-dip galvanized wedge anchors will rust over time. Regardless of the material, you must make sure to choose the correct diameter and length when installing wedge anchors. They can be difficult to install so make sure you have a professional do the work for you.

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