How to maintain anchor bolts?


Anchor bolts should ensure that the product is dry and […]

Anchor bolts should ensure that the product is dry and fully prepared for subsequent smooth use. Of course, place the anchor bolts in a spacious, ventilated place and mark them for future inspection. In addition, if the air is circulated, if conditions permit, the air conditioning dehumidification process can be started, or some waste oil can be sprayed on the product to form the antioxidant layer of the bolt itself, which is conducive to the future pre-embedded construction. So, let's see how the anchor bolts of the construction machinery are reinstalled.
It can use fixed joints in post-processing. General anchor bolts can be processed according to drawings, used for measurement, positioning and support. Wait. The measurement and positioning are based on the measurement technology, and a professional surveyor locates the specific position according to the embedded anchor bolts and anchor bolts.
The anchor bolts must be recalculated and finally fixed, adjusted, and fixed until the technical requirements for the welding of the lower bolt and the fixing bracket are met. Pay attention to the vertical and horizontal welding of bolt fixing and scissors.

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