How to unscrew the screw thread?


What should we do when we encounter the screw thread th […]

What should we do when we encounter the screw thread that cannot be unscrewed?
(1) Put something on the screwdriver head, such as double-sided tape, non-woven fabric, etc. If there are no conditions, the paper can also increase the friction!

(2) Inject a small amount of 502 glue into the screw hole, then screw the screw in, wait for the glue to solidify, and then use needle-nose pliers to unscrew the screw (the reason why the screwdriver is not used is that it will cause the screw to slip), and wait until the glue is completely hardened. Row.

(3) If the screw cap is exposed, use needle-nose pliers to tighten the screw cap and then unscrew the screw. You can also cut off the screw cap and disassemble the case for disposal.

(4) Generally, the screws of the mobile phone are metal, and the casing is plastic. When it cannot be unscrewed, you can insert a sharp soldering iron into the screw cap, heat the metal screw to melt the plastic around the screw, and clamp it with needle-nose pliers. , gently pull it out!

(5) Burn the head of the screwdriver red on the gas stove, then quickly push it on the screw, wait for about 5 seconds, and then it can be screwed out

(6) After heating with an electric soldering iron, put it on the spent screw head for a long time until the screw can be screwed. You can find some scraps to practice the hand feeling, so that it is the safest to remove

(7) The flat-blade screwdriver grinds out the blade and starts to screw it.

(8) The melted solder hangs on the head of the welding torch. After aligning the screwdriver with the screw, put the solder on it, cool down and unscrew it.

(9) Use a drill to knock off the gong cap. Use the principle of reverse wire to drill out the remaining screws (you can use a special drill for broken screws - broken screw extractor)

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