How to use the embedded anchor bolts?


The quality of the embedded parts of the anchor bolts w […]

The quality of the embedded parts of the anchor bolts will affect the installation quality of the steel structure building, so we must grasp and control the position, verticality, length and elevation of the anchor bolts, so as to reduce the workload of reaming and adjustment In addition, it can also prevent rework, so that it can improve the quality of steel structure installation is of great significance. The anchor bolt embedding method here can adopt the direct embedding method or the reserved hole method. It should be emphasized here that the supervision engineer must strictly check the rationality and reliability of the embedded bolt construction method before the foundation concrete is poured, and whether the measured indicators are within the scope of the standard rules. If the equipment is installed on a concrete beam, its anchor bolts are generally pre-embedded. If the equipment foundation has other special requirements, the casing can also be embedded in the concrete beam through civil engineering to facilitate the penetration of the anchor bolts. The size of the casing here should be such that the clearance between the anchor bolt and the casing is at least 10mm, so that the bolt position, sand filling and compaction can be adjusted during equipment installation.

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