What are the advantages of expansion bolts?


Before we talk about the expansion bolts, let's take a […]

Before we talk about the expansion bolts, let's take a look at the bolts. The bolts consist of two parts, the head and the screw. Expansion bolts are one type of bolts. They mainly serve as a special threaded connection for fixing pipes, brackets and other equipment on walls and boards. Make the object take root on the wall. Twist the middle nut, so that the middle screw can open the outer wall of the outer wall, squeeze the wall of the hole that has been hit beforehand, and use the friction force to make it not easy to fall off, so as to achieve the purpose of rooting. Therefore, the expansion bolts are deeply loved by the majority of purchases. The expansion bolt itself also has six unique advantages.

First, compared to the traditional expansion anchors used previously, the expansion bolts used today are simpler and less complicated during installation. So it is very suitable for many novice operations, providing convenience to users;

Second, there are fewer opportunities for errors in installation than when using conventional expansion anchors. In the past, when using the expansion anchor, it was often worried that the hole would be inclined when drilling. However, if the expansion bolt is used, we can directly punch the hole and install it directly, so that the success rate can basically reach 100%;

The third point is better in appearance than the traditional expansion anchors in the past. The design is relatively novel, not only has improved performance, but also has many improvements in appearance;

Fourth, we don't have to worry about it after disassembly. After disassembly, we only need to fill the hole that we hit, or we can remove the excess part of the expansion bolt directly. The operation is very simple and can also ensure safety without affecting the appearance;

The fifth point can ensure that the expansion bolt has higher performance during installation, and the utilization degree of the screw is greatly improved;

Sixth, the applicability of the expansion bolt is better. Expansion bolts can be used as long as they meet the requirements of the male thread size. It is more widely used than traditional expansion anchors.

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