• Introduction of anchor bolt

    Introduction of anchor bolt

    There are many types of anchor bolts. Because anchor bolts have a wide range of functions, after targeting some simple anchor bolts, various forms of anchor bolts have been derived. One of the most widely used is the 7-shaped anchor bolt, also known as the L-shaped anchor bolt. Compared to 9-shaped ... read more

    Dec 20,2019 Industry News
  • The role of anchor bolts

    The role of anchor bolts

    1. The fixed anchor bolts are poured with cement and other items on the ground, which can fix equipment without strong vibration and impact. 2. The movable ground foot is a detachable ground bolt that can fix large machinery and equipment with strong vibration and impact. 3. Anchor anchor bolts are ... read more

    Dec 28,2019 Industry News
  • Anchor bolt material

    Anchor bolt material

    1. General anchor bolts are made of Q235 steel. Although not the strongest, it is more convenient in making the shape and details of the anchor bolts. Q235 steel is a carbon structural steel, which can be used directly without heat treatment under normal circumstances. It is a very convenient steel.... read more

    Jan 04,2020 Industry News
  • Hook manufacturing method for anchor bolts

    Hook manufacturing method for anchor bolts

    1. Stamping mold forming: This type of method is more suitable for the specifications and models that are relatively small, and the bending machine cannot be bent. However, the order information for mass production is more suitable for manual bending. Since the processing method of stamping mold for... read more

    Jan 11,2020 Industry News
  • Anchor bolt fastening method

    Anchor bolt fastening method

    1.Semi-durable Parts that use this bolt connection can be dismantled later, but generally pose a certain hazard to the fasteners used. There is no such fastening method for anchor bolts, but in fasteners For example, cotter pins are fasteners of this type; 2.Durable fastening This means that the bol... read more

    Jan 21,2020 Industry News
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