• Thread processing

    Thread processing

    Bolt threads are generally cold worked, so that the thread blanks within a certain diameter range are passed through the rolling (rolling) wire plate (die), and the thread is formed by the pressure of the wire plate (rolling die). The plastic streamline of the threaded part is not cut, the strength ... read more

    Dec 26,2020 Industry News
  • Cold forming

    Cold forming

    Usually, the bolt head is formed by cold heading plastic processing. Compared with cutting processing, the metal fiber (metal wire) is continuous along the shape of the product without cutting in the middle, thus improving the strength of the product, especially the mechanical properties. The cold h... read more

    Dec 18,2020 Industry News
  • High-strength bolt processing technology

    High-strength bolt processing technology

    Drawing The drawing process has two purposes. One is to change the size of the raw material; the other is to obtain basic mechanical properties of the fastener through deformation strengthening. For medium carbon steel and medium carbon alloy steel, there is another purpose, that is, to make wire ro... read more

    Dec 14,2020 Industry News
  • How to install anchor bolts accurately?

    How to install anchor bolts accurately?

    1. Control accuracy This method adopts the method of mold making, that is, standardized operation specifications. First, based on the size of the bolt, the high precision of the mold is unified. Whether it is directly buried or after the method is buried, it has an integrated mold. Accuracy and stan... read more

    Dec 03,2020 Industry News
  • What is high-strength bolt spheroidizing annealing?

    What is high-strength bolt spheroidizing annealing?

    When countersunk head screws and hexagon socket head bolts are produced by cold heading, the original structure of the steel will directly affect the forming ability during cold heading. In the process of cold heading, the plastic deformation of the local area can reach 60%-80%. For this reason, the... read more

    Nov 19,2020 Industry News
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