Introduction of anchor bolt


There are many types of anchor bolts. Because anchor bo […]

There are many types of anchor bolts. Because anchor bolts have a wide range of functions, after targeting some simple anchor bolts, various forms of anchor bolts have been derived. One of the most widely used is the 7-shaped anchor bolt, also known as the L-shaped anchor bolt. Compared to 9-shaped anchor bolts and other types of anchor bolts, the production of 7-shaped anchor bolts is more labor-saving, and it also plays the same role when used, which are used to reinforce objects. Generally, the anchor bolts are made of Q235 steel, which is round. Rebar steel (Q345) has high strength, and it is not easy to make a nut's threaded buckle. At present, the size of the anchor bolt is determined by the design load. For example, the size and specifications of the anchor bolts such as M20 and M24 are different, and the form of the hook is different, and its length is also different. The length of the anchor bolt is different for each size.

One anchor bolt is equipped with two nuts, and the thick nut GB / T6175-2000 can be used, which is more resistant to corrosion.

When a mechanical component is installed on a concrete foundation, the J-shaped and L-shaped ends of the bolt are buried in the concrete for use.

The tensile capacity of the anchor bolt is the tensile capacity of the round steel itself. The size is equal to the cross-sectional area multiplied by the allowable stress value (Q235B: 140MPa, 16Mn or Q345: 170MPA).

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