Introduction of anchor bolts


In general: anchor bolts can be divided into fixed, mov […]

In general: anchor bolts can be divided into fixed, movable, expanded anchors and bonded. According to different shapes, it is divided into: L-type pre-embedded bolts, 9-shaped pre-embedded bolts, U-shaped pre-embedded bolts, welded pre-embedded bolts, and pre-embedded bolts on the bottom plate.

The anchor bolt is a joint that fixes the mechanical equipment to the foundation. Its length and diameter are related to the light weight, weight and impact vibration of the fixed equipment. According to the length of the bolt, there are two types of anchor bolts, long and short. Short anchor bolts are generally between 100 and 1000 mm in length. A dead anchor bolt that is poured into the foundation, the head of which is formed into a split-forked shape and a hooked shape. Short anchor bolts are used to fix light-weight equipment with light power carrier and low impact vibration.

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