Main differences between expansion bolts, chemical bolts and chemical planting


The principle of force is different: The planting bar m […]

The principle of force is different:
The planting bar must be a full-screw or ribbed bar, and the force of the adhesive is used to achieve the force;
The anchor bolt allows a smooth screw to be stressed by mechanical locking force;
The expansion bolt mainly generates friction by pressing, and the force is applied.

Different anchoring depths:
The anchoring depth of the planting bar is generally greater than 15d after calculation using the calculation formula;
The anchoring depth of the anchor bolt is less than 10d;
The depth of the expansion bolt is mainly determined according to the concrete strength and expansion bolt specifications.

Different forms of destruction:
Usually, the form of damage to the reinforced concrete is only one type of steel bar.
The damage forms allowed by anchor bolts and expansion bolts are: anchor bolt steel damage and concrete cone damage

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