Notes on installation of anchor bolts


1. Movable anchor bolt: also known as long anchor bolt, […]

1. Movable anchor bolt: also known as long anchor bolt, it is a detachable anchor bolt. Heavy machinery and equipment with strong vibration and shock in fixed work. This kind of anchor bolt is relatively long, or in the form of a double head with double head threads. The movable anchor is sometimes used with each anchor, and the anchor plate can be welded or cast with the steel plate. There is a hole in the middle of the bolt or bolt that does not rotate. The key to laying movable anchor bolts is that there is no grouting in the bolt holes; the double-ended type should be tightened. In the T shape, pay attention to the direction of the T shape and ensure that the angle with the rectangular hole of the anchor plate is 90 °.
2. An anchor bolt used in recent years. The methods and requirements are basically the same as the anchor bolts. When bonding, the debris in the hole should be blown away. Don't get wet. The bonding method should meet the requirements of bonding materials.

3. Expansion anchor: The distance from the center of the expansion anchor to the edge of the foundation is not less than 7 times the diameter of the expansion anchor. When drilling holes, the drill bit should be prevented from colliding with the steel bars and embedded pipes in the foundation; the foundation strength of the anchor bolt installed with the expansion anchor is not less than 10 MPa. There should be no cracks in the borehole; the diameter and depth of the borehole should match the expansion anchor.
4. Fixed anchor bolts: also known as short anchor bolts. It is poured together with the foundation to fix the equipment without strong vibration and shock. Its length is generally 100-1000 mm, and the head is shaped like a fork, a ring, or a hook. Prevent anchor bolts from rotating and pulling out. The fixed anchor rod can be divided into primary grouting and secondary grouting during installation. The anchor bolt is embedded in the grouting. The key is to accurately position the bolts. The general positioning methods of pre-buried anchor bolts include template positioning, welding and wire mesh fixing.
5. Pre-embedded anchor bolts: Pre-embedded anchor bolts for important equipment. The installer should intervene in advance to avoid problems. The second grouting is to reserve anchor bolt holes in advance on the basis. When installing the equipment, install the anchor bolts, and then pour the anchor bolts into the reserved holes.
6. Common quality problems of anchor bolts: the center position of anchor bolts is out of tolerance; the height of anchor bolts exceeds the tolerance. The foundation bolts are loose in the foundation; the perpendicularity of the anchor bolts to the horizontal plane is out of tolerance.

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