• Classification and role of anchor bolts

    Classification and role of anchor bolts

    Effect When a mechanical component is installed on a concrete foundation, the J-shaped and L-shaped ends of the bolt are buried in the concrete for use. The tensile capacity of the anchor bolt is the tensile capacity of the round steel itself. The size equal to the cross-sectional area multiplied by... read more

    Nov 29,2019 Industry News
  • Co-direction and reverse of double-headed screws

    Co-direction and reverse of double-headed screws

    1. The effect of the same direction of rotation of the two threads: (1) It is used for large-scale equipment, and accessories need to be installed, such as sight glasses, mechanical seals, reduction gears, etc. This is a double-headed bolt used. One end is screwed into the main body. Nuts, because a... read more

    Dec 06,2019 Industry News
  • Use of anchor bolt

    Use of anchor bolt

    1. The fixed anchor bolt is also called short anchor bolt. It is poured with the foundation to fix the equipment without strong vibration and impact. 2. Movable anchor bolt, also known as long anchor bolt, is a detachable anchor bolt used to fix heavy machinery and equipment with strong vibration an... read more

    Dec 14,2019 Industry News
  • Introduction of anchor bolt

    Introduction of anchor bolt

    There are many types of anchor bolts. Because anchor bolts have a wide range of functions, after targeting some simple anchor bolts, various forms of anchor bolts have been derived. One of the most widely used is the 7-shaped anchor bolt, also known as the L-shaped anchor bolt. Compared to 9-shaped ... read more

    Dec 20,2019 Industry News


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