• Innovation with famous universities

    Innovation with famous universities

    Professor Yang from the University of Western Sydney and Professor Bao from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics visit our company to guide the development of new products. 澳大利亚西悉尼大学的杨教授携南京航空航天大学的鲍教授光临我司指导新产品研发! read more

    Jul 17,2019 About Us
  • Anchor bolt construction considerations

    Anchor bolt construction considerations

    1. Anchor bolt construction environment 2. Determine the anchor position After the original structure, components are cleaned and trimmed, the position of the anchor bolt shall be determined according to the design drawings; if the steel bar is equipped with reinforcement, it shall be detected wheth... read more

    Jul 13,2019 Industry News
  • Why can't the expansion anchor be used in the seismic fortification zone?

    Why can't the expansion anchor be used in the seismic fortification zone?

    The expansion anchor refers to an anchor bolt that uses an expansion member to press the anchor hole wall to form an anchoring action. The expansion type anchor bolts are divided into a torque control type and a displacement control type according to the different control methods of the expansion fo... read more

    Jul 05,2019 Industry News
  • What is a chemical anchor

    What is a chemical anchor

    The chemical anchor is a new type of fastening material that appears after the expansion anchor. It consists of a chemical agent and a metal rod. The special cement is used to fix the screw to the bore of the crucible substrate to achieve A composite of anchored parts. Chemical anchor bolts can be u... read more

    Jun 29,2019 Industry News
  • Anchor bolt construction environment

    Anchor bolt construction environment

    1. The temperature at the anchor installation site should not be lower than -5 °C. When the temperature of the site where the anchor is installed is lower than -5 °C, the accuracy of the worker's operation will be affected to some extent. 2. It is strictly forbidden to carry out open work in rain an... read more

    Jun 20,2019 Industry News
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