Precautions for the use of materials for hexagon socket screws


The production of hexagon socket screws generally start […]

The production of hexagon socket screws generally starts with the purchase of screw wires. What specifications need to be used for the hexagon socket bolts to purchase screw wires of the same specifications and models. You must first determine what kind of hexagon socket screws are made. For example, some are stainless steel hexagon socket screws, some are 4.8 grade hexagon socket head screws, some are 8.8 grade hexagon socket bolts, and some are 12.9 grade hexagon socket screws. These determine the material of the screw wire, whether iron or stainless steel is used, and what grade strength is used for carbon steel. Then order the mold according to the hexagon socket screw, and then start the head, and then rub the thread. The thread of the hexagon socket bolt is screwed to make it pass the stop gauge. If it is a stainless steel hexagon socket screw, it needs to be cleaned brightly and dried. Some demanding ones can be passivated to make the salt spray time longer. Some iron hexagon socket screws need to be electroplated, and then electroplated in different colors to summarize the requirements of customers.

Some hexagon socket screws are industry standard, that is, the national standard. Generally, they are made according to the industry standard specifications of hexagon socket head screws, that is, the national standard GB. The size specifications are in accordance with the industry standard. But some are non-standard custom-made, and are produced according to the customer's samples or drawings.

The produced natural hexagon socket bolts are hardened, and the hardening factory must be required to achieve the indicated hardness index; the customer must use the corresponding tools reasonably when using it, mistakenly use unreasonable tools for convenience Hit the hexagon socket bolts. Communicating with customers, it is not necessary to use too much force when hitting hexagon socket bolts. Grasp the balance of strength. M2.5 hexagon socket bolts should be able to withstand a torsion force of more than 2N.m under normal conditions, so the force should be adjusted to the right value and not too much force.

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