Principles of expansion bolts, chemical bolts and planting technology


Chemical planting: Referred to as the planting bar, it […]

Chemical planting:
Referred to as the planting bar, it is a kind of post-anchor joint technology widely used in engineering circles in China. It is a chemical adhesive-anchor glue, which fixes the ribbed steel bar and the screw cement in the borehole of the concrete substrate, through bonding and locking effect. A component that anchors the connected piece. The chemical anchoring anchoring principle is the same as that of the bonded anchor bolt, but the chemical planting bar and the screw are not limited in length, similar to the anchoring of the cast-in-place concrete reinforcement, and the failure mode is easy to control, and generally can be controlled to be damaged by the anchor steel. It is suitable for the anchoring connection of structural members and non-structural members with static and seismic fortification strength ≤ 8 degrees. For the anchoring of structural members subjected to fatigue loads, we need to use them as appropriate.
Bonded anchor:
Also known as chemical bonding bolts, referred to as chemical bolts or bonding bolts, is a special chemical adhesive (anchor glue), which is fixed in the hole of concrete substrate by bolts and internal threaded pipes, through the adhesive and screw The bonding and sealing action between the adhesive and the concrete hole wall realizes an assembly for anchoring the connected member. At present, the market-shaped bonded anchors are generally relatively short and short, the anchor depth is shallow, the ability to adapt to the cracks of the substrate is poor, the bearing capacity is very low, and it is not suitable for the tensile, edge shearing, shearing and shearing combined forces. Post-anchor joints of structural members and non-structural members of lifeline engineering; in addition to bonded anchors for concrete, general bonded anchors are not suitable for tensile, edge shearing, shearing and shearing of cracked concrete substrates. A rear anchoring connection of a structural member that is stressed.

For mechanical anchor bolts for load-bearing structures, a rear-expanding anchor bolt with a locking effect should be used. Such anchor bolts are divided into three types: self-expanding bottom, mold expanding bottom, and adhesive-die expanding bottom according to different construction modes; adhesive anchor bolts for bearing structure should adopt special inverted tapered adhesive. Anchor bolt. The self-tapping screws are not part of the anchor system and should not be designed and calculated according to the anchor bolts.
Expansion bolt:
The expansion bolt is covered with a ring, which has a gap on the ring, and a hole is made in the wall when used. Place the expansion bolt into this hole and squeeze the ring when the bolt is tightened. This makes the bolt stuck in the hole and plays a fixed role.

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