Several types of problems and solutions for the anchor type


1 .anchor bolt production quality problems: Including ( […]

1 .anchor bolt production quality problems:
Including (the anchor bolt material; hydrogen embrittlement, cracks, internal defects and other problems lead to fracture; the rod anti-corrosion coating does not meet the requirements of use leading to rust; the exposed part is not effectively anti-corrosion caused by corrosion.)
Therefore, the anchor bolt assembly selected by the foundation shall be strictly implemented in accordance with relevant documents such as GB/T3098.1 (mechanical performance of fasteners), manufacturer's enterprise standard and national power investment enterprise standard, and the factory inspection shall be based on sampling and root-testing according to the situation, and Should have a single traceability. The production line process is recommended for automated control, and the entire process of heating and cooling is monitored by the computer to reduce human influence.

2.  design issues:
(The tensile force value is too high; the matching flange size and form, etc.)
In the design process, the selection of reasonable tension, the safety margin of the basic design, the design of different geological conditions, the customized scheme of anchor bolt anti-corrosion, the prestress relaxation of anchor bolts, and the replaceable structure of anchor bolt damage should be considered.

3 . installation and operation problems:
(Insufficient installation accuracy, complex tension of anchor bolts; tension program does not meet specifications, tension accuracy deviation; no regular inspection, corrosion, anchor bolt tension loss, etc.)
During the construction process, the site is installed and tensioned, and the verticality of the bolt, the level and concentricity of the anchor plate, the tensile stress and the tensioning process are strictly guaranteed. Check the tensile force, check the exposed corrosion, and use the online monitoring equipment to detect the running state of the anchor.

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