The best solution to solve the loosening of threaded fasteners?


Threaded wire sleeve (wire threaded sleeve) is a new ty […]

Threaded wire sleeve (wire threaded sleeve) is a new type of threaded fastener, which is a spring-like concentric body of internal and external threads that is precisely machined from high-precision diamond-shaped cross-section stainless steel wire. After the threaded wire is set, the product can meet the international standard high-precision internal thread, and its performance is better than the thread formed by tapping.

main application
1. Installed into the mechanical parts of metal or non-metal materials (such as aluminum, magnesium and other light alloy engineering materials), it can form high-strength, wear-resistant, high-precision standard internal threads. Typical applications: high-voltage switchgear, hydraulic machinery, welding equipment|, tobacco machinery, microwave communications, auto parts, air separation equipment, coal machinery, power machinery, textile and chemical fiber machinery, etc.

2. When the thread is processed incorrectly or the damaged inner screw hole is repaired, the threaded wire sleeve (wire threaded sleeve) can be used as a repair method, which can be quickly and effectively repaired. Typical application: repair after the threaded hole of various important parts is tripped , Such as: the repair of the threaded hole of the injection molding machine template.

3. It is very convenient and fast to use the threaded wire sleeve to carry out the conversion of metric ←→ inch threaded holes. Typical application: Imported equipment or mechanical inch threads need to be changed to metric threads due to the supply of spare parts.

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