Tips for using expansion bolts


The fixing of expansion screws is to use the slope of t […]

The fixing of expansion screws is to use the slope of the trapezoid to make the expansion have a lot of friction, knowing that the desired fixing effect is achieved, generally the expansion screws we use are divided into two types: iron and plastic, and the method of use is based on According to the standard of the expansion screw, make the corresponding small hole, and then drive the expansion screw in, so that the expansion screw will play a good fixing effect after the expansion screw is opened in the future. One side of the expansion screw is threaded, and the other side is tapered.

The outside of the expansion screw is covered with iron sheet, and some expansion screws are covered with steel pipe. There are half cuts on the iron sheet circle. Then they are completely driven into the small holes made before on the wall. Lock, the nut pulls the screw outwards and pulls the tapered side into the iron cylinder. When the iron cylinder is expanded, it can be tightly fixed on the wall. These expansion screws are all It is used on bricks, concrete floors and other materials such as fences, air conditioners, etc. The expansion screw is composed of some parts such as a screw and an expansion tube. The bottom of the screw shows a cone shape. The diameter of the cone is much larger than the inner diameter of the expansion tube. When tightening the nut, the screw is required. When moving outwards, the function of the American Express thread is moved to one side, so that a very large pressure can be stroked outside the expansion tube, and the respective friction forces can have a fixed effect.

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