What Are Spring Nuts?


What Are Spring Nuts? A spring nut is a channel nut tha […]

What Are Spring Nuts? A spring nut is a channel nut that features a spring on one side. This spring moves the nut inside the strut channel, occupying the extra space and keeping it flush against the inturned edges of the channel. The length of the spring determines the profile of the channel, and longer springs are used in deeper channels. Shorter springs are used in shallower channels.

There are two main types of channel nuts: those with and without springs. The former is a coiled metal spring that comes in various lengths, and the latter is a plastic spring that has a flexible tabbed collar. The latter is often called a "Top Grip Nut" due to its convenient design: a plastic collar that fits snugly around the inverted edge of the channel. The former relies on a spring component to hug the inturned edge of the channel without pushing against the opposite site.

Strut channel nuts are a common type of channel nut, and are used to secure piping clamps, electrical panels, and junction boxes. These nuts consist of a nut with a screw hole and grooves on the side. These grooves help the nut to fit into the channel edge, keeping it flush with the strut. Flat spring nuts and J-nuts are also available. J-nuts and U-nuts are popular types of channel nuts.

Non-traditional spring nuts differ from conventional spring nuts in several ways. The coiled spring inside is designed to grip the lip of the channel, ensuring a secure mounting point for bolts and screws. Standard spring nuts, on the other hand, are made with a spring and serrated grooves. This combination is used on most car applications. This article will discuss the differences between the two types of spring nuts.

The non-traditional spring nut is also resistant to corrosion, thanks to the standard brite finish. This makes them especially useful in corrosive environments such as those found in pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetic industries. This nut also meets the highest sanitary standards. This makes it an excellent choice for these applications. A spring nut is also easy to assemble before transporting. Non-traditional spring nuts are a great choice for those who don't have enough hands for the task.

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