What are the advantages of butterfly plugs compared to traditional plugs?


Butterfly plugs, also known as double flared plugs, are […]

Butterfly plugs, also known as double flared plugs, are a type of body jewelry used to stretch or expand the lobes of ear piercings. They are similar in appearance to traditional plugs, but they have two "wings" or "flares" that are spread apart to hold the plug in place. These wings are then gently squeezed together to insert the plug and then released to hold the plug securely in place.

Butterfly plugs typically have a thicker gauge than traditional plugs, and are often made of materials such as acrylic, stone, wood, horn or glass. They come in a variety of sizes and designs, and can be used to make a fashion statement.

Compared to other types of ear plugs, butterfly plugs are considered to be more secure and less likely to fall out of the ear. However, they can be more difficult to put in and take out than traditional plugs.

It's important to note that ear stretching is a gradual process that should be done with care, using appropriate gauge sizes and not stretching too quickly. It's also important to use only sterile, non-toxic materials for ear plugs and to be sure to clean them properly before and after use.

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