What are the advantages of round coupling nuts?


Round Coupling Nuts is a good choice for fastening mate […]

Round Coupling Nuts is a good choice for fastening materials like bolts, clamps, cables, conduits etc. The round type nuts for round coupling and hexagonal nuts are generally used to attach pieces of threaded male threaded rods or other similar male fasteners together. Clamps, bolts, conduits etc. can be fastened using these nuts.

Round Coupling Nuts is available in different shapes and sizes according to the requirements of different clients. Users can also select nuts according to their preferred form of application and design. Customers can order round coupling nuts in different sizes and shapes as per their needs.

Threaded fasteners are usually more expensive and users can choose to buy them in different shapes and sizes. Round nut threads are preferred over hex nut threads as they are stronger than hex threads. The strength of a nut depends upon the diameter of its cross section. Round nuts provide a more secure join between threaded materials.

They are mainly used for attaching materials like clamps, screws, dowels, bolts etc. For fastening light materials like cable, wires and other small diameter wires, round bar nuts are recommended. Larger diameter materials can be fastened using hex nuts. However, for connecting thicker materials like aluminum or stainless steel, it is better to use A5 sized nuts. Besides all the fasteners, a polished nut can also be used to strengthen the join.

Alloy couplings nuts have the same look and feel as standard specification nuts. But they are manufactured using high quality materials like iron and brass. The heat treat process minimizes defects in surface finish and improves the resistance to corrosion. They are available in a large range of colors.

The application of a lubricant enhances smoothness and extends the life of these nuts. They are made from steel hardened at 110 degrees and are available in round or tripped hollow core. In addition to their flexibility, these nuts are ideal for use with standard threaded rods.

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