What are the anti-loosening measures for the bolt loosening process method?


(1) Constant torque tool to prevent loosening In the as […]

(1) Constant torque tool to prevent loosening
In the assembly process, in order to ensure that the bolts obtain sufficient pre-tightening force, but also to ensure that the torque is less than the yield point of the bolts, using a constant torque tool to control is the most effective method. The constant torque tool can set the output torque according to the standard tightening torque of the bolt. When the preset tightening torque is reached, a signal will be sent or the tightening will be terminated automatically to ensure stable torque output.

In order to improve efficiency, in addition to being used alone, the fixed torque tool can also be used in conjunction with a low-torque pneumatic impact wrench. ideal torque value. The use of this anti-loosening method must ensure the accuracy of constant torque tools, and all constant torque tools must be regularly calibrated in accordance with the testing regulations of measuring instruments.

(2) Training and training to prevent loosening
In the process of bolt tightening, in addition to the output tightening torque of the tightening tool affecting the pre-tightening force obtained by the bolt, the assembly method is also crucial, especially for multiple groups of regularly distributed mounting bolts. The tightening tools and assembly methods are used by the operator, so the skill level of the operator also directly affects the effect of bolt tightening. Therefore, the operator's skill level can be improved through training and training, thereby improving the ability to prevent bolt loosening.

The operator's training is mainly based on theory, mainly learning the basic knowledge of assembly, including the operation method of tightening tools, the assembly method of bolt tightening, etc. The operator's training is mainly based on operation practice, mainly combined with the content of the basic assembly knowledge of the training to carry out practical operation exercises, such as establishing a training platform, allowing operators, especially new employees, to carry out repeated training and master these basic operation methods. Only after the work can be started, and the loosening of bolts caused by incorrect assembly methods can be reduced through training and training on basic skills.

(3) Parts quality control to prevent loosening
The processing size of the parts also directly affects the preload obtained by the bolt, especially the specification of the thread, which is directly related to the interaction of the connecting parts. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the parts to be installed meet the requirements of the design drawings before assembly, and use the standard Check whether the specifications, models, and mechanical performance levels of the threaded connections used meet the design requirements, and whether the threads are unqualified, such as random buckles, cracks, etc., and the quality problems that occur should be reported to the manufacturer for rectification to ensure the size of the parts. Meet the design requirements and ensure the reliable connection of the bolts.

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