What are the benefits of nylon easy-drive anchors?


The Nylon Easy Drive Anchor is a removable light-duty a […]

The Nylon Easy Drive Anchor is a removable light-duty anchor that's designed for a variety of substrates, including concrete, stone, hollow brick, block, and slab. Its design allows for fast installation and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. It also provides structural support to clients in ceilings and interiors.

Durable alternative to Zinc Alloy
Nylon hammer anchor chains are a great option for outdoor or interior applications. They have an adjustable length and are corrosion-resistant. Zinc alloy easy drive anchors are great for masonry applications. They are incredibly easy to install and work well with wood-based panels and decorative surfaces.

Another option is an aluminum alloy sand anchor. These anchors feature a patented design that guarantees durability and safety. These anchors are designed for shallow water and shoreline use and can support up to 26-foot boats. They also feature smooth edges, which minimize the possibility of injury.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use
These anchors feature a stainless steel construction, and are 3/8 inch thick and 3 inches long. One kit includes ten of these anchors, a nut, washer, and a machine-threaded anchor.

They are easy to install. Simply use a hammer to drill a pilot hole in wood or concrete. Then insert the anchor into the hole. Insert the anchor so that it wedges into the solid part of the concrete block. Once inserted, the anchor will stay in place.

These anchors come in three sizes. You can choose between three-quarter inch, half-inch, and one-quarter inch sizes. These anchors are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. You can also choose between zinc plated, carbon steel, and uncoated steel anchors. Zinc plated anchors have a shiny finish. They are best suited for outdoor applications. However, they should not be used in marine environments.

Easy to remove: These anchors are quick and easy to remove. The drive screw thread is easy to drive into a wide variety of substrates. They also have a nylon body that provides insulation between the drive screw and the work surface.

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