What are the benefits of undercut anchors?


Undercut Anchors are a versatile choice for securing cr […]

Undercut Anchors are a versatile choice for securing cracked and uncracked concrete structures. They are available in standard ASTM A 36 and ASTM A 193 Grade B7 steels. For industrial applications, they are also available in Type 316 stainless steel. Here are a few of the benefits of Undercut Anchors. The main benefit of Undercut Anchors is that they provide a positive mechanical interlock to concrete members. Consequently, they reduce compressive stress zones within concrete structures.

Unlike traditional undercut anchors, self-undercutting anchors are not susceptible to concrete shrinkage and expansion. Instead, the anchor expands into a pre-cut void. Undercut anchors use a special tool to create the void. The spring action in undercut anchor forces the keys to expand and make an undercut in the concrete. As a result, they offer higher performance and resistance. Unlike traditional anchors that rely on expansion and deformation to anchor concrete, undercut anchors utilize the full capacity of the concrete.

The undercut anchorage system is designed to maximize the tensile capacity of the bolt without slippage or failure of the concrete. This innovative anchorage system expands the anchor sleeve into a conical undercut and forces the load to be taken on the bearing between the expansion sleeve and the conical nut. This design ensures maximum bearing capacity in confined concrete, which minimizes the risk of slippage.

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