What are the four ways to install the anchor bolts?


1. Fix the anchor bolts. Suitable for equipment without […]

1. Fix the anchor bolts. Suitable for equipment without strong vibration and shock.
The lower part of the commonly used fixed anchor bolts is generally made into an open fork shape and a hook shape, and a horizontal rod is added to the hook to increase the tension of the anchor bolt. There are three installation methods for fixing anchor bolts: pre-embedded anchor bolts, reserved hole anchor bolts and epoxy mortar anchor bolts.

2. Active anchor bolts. For heavy equipment with strong vibration and shock
There are two types of movable anchor bolts. One is threaded on the bottom and is attached to the nut via an anchor plate. The other lower end is a rectangular head. The anchor plate has a rectangular slot. When installing, insert the rectangular head of the anchor bolt into the rectangular slot of the anchor plate according to the mark.

3. The anchor bolts are expanded. Simple or assistive devices typically used to secure standing.
Expansion anchor bolts, also known as expansion bolts, YG3 expansion pipe expansion anchor bolts are often used for equipment installation. The strength of the foundation concrete where the expansion anchor bolts are installed shall not be less than 10 MPa. Expansion anchor bolts shall be drilled and buried, and reserved holes shall not be used. When the foundation is cracked, expansion anchors shall not be used.

4. Glue the grounding bolt. An anchor rod commonly used in recent years.
The anchor bolts that do not have strict requirements on the tightening force are usually tightened with ordinary wrenches, pneumatic or electric wrenches, sledgehammers or swing hammers by tapping a single-ended wrench. Tighten by tightening.

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