What are the reasons for the damage of the anchor bolts?


The thread of the foundation anchor bolt is damaged, an […]

The thread of the foundation anchor bolt is damaged, and the nut cannot be rotated and tightened when the steel structure building column is installed. The reasons for the damage to the bolt thread are: the anchor bolt is bumped or improperly stored during transportation, packing and unpacking, and the formation of serious threads Rust. Or the bolts have not taken maintenance measures after being buried, and they have been damaged by the outer steps. On-site application of bolts as conductive neutral wire for electric welding will damage the threads due to arc burns.

Bolts should be used as binding points for the pulling force of the traction rope, etc. Due to the damage of the bolt thread, the inability to screw in the nut to fasten the steel structural column and other components will directly affect the transmission and stability of the structural force, and there will be unstable elements on the overall quality of the steel structural building. Precautions for steel structure anchor screws: When the anchor bolts are transported, packed and unpacked, the maintenance of the threads should be enhanced. After applying industrial vaseline oil, wrap them with plastic film and bind them to prevent the threads from being damaged and rusted.

It should be stored separately, and should not be mixed with other parts and components, so as not to damage the threads due to collision with each other. After the anchor bolt is buried, it shall not be used as a fulcrum for bending processing, as a zero line for electric welding machines, or as a binding point for traction tension. When hoisting the component, it should be operated properly to avoid the side impact force from damaging the thread.

The thread of the bolt has been damaged, and the following management measures can be taken: when the damaged length of the thread does not exceed its effective length, the thread can be trimmed with a steel file until the nut is smoothly screwed. When the damaged length of the thread of the anchor bolt exceeds the effective length of the rules, gas cutting can be used to cut off the length of the original thread section; then use the same material and specification as the original bolt to process one end into a thread, and at the butt end After the head section is made into a groove of 30°-45° and the bottom end is butt welded, a steel sleeve of corresponding diameter and length is inserted into the joint for reinforcement and reinforcement by welding.

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