What are the types of machine screw anchors?


There are two types of Machine Screw Anchors. One type […]

There are two types of Machine Screw Anchors. One type is made from Anchor Body Antimonial Lead Ally, and the other is made from Cone Zamac Ally. Each is designed for a specific application. The first type is designed for block, brick, and concrete. The second type is made for use in moist environments.

The lead sleeve of the machine screw anchor helps distribute the load evenly between the screw and the anchor. This type of anchor also stays in place after installation, allowing the fixture to be removed without damaging the anchor. Brick, concrete, and stone are all safe to install using machine screw anchors.

Another type is an internal threaded anchor. This type features a soft lead shell on the outside and steel threads inside. This type of anchor is used in solid concrete, and is ideal for installations in moist environments. It can also be used in hollow brick and block structures. It requires a special setting tool, which locks the lead sleeve onto the threads.

Lead Machine Screw Anchors are a good choice for concrete, brick, and block material. Their patented lead alloy caulking sleeve forms a secure fit on the surface. They are also easy to remove. They can also accommodate a variety of screw types. This makes them ideal for use in shallow holes.

Machine Screw Anchors are used for concrete, brick, stone, and brick. These anchors are female in design, which makes them ideal for concrete applications. They have internal machine screw threads, and require a setting tool to be properly installed. They are not ideal for applications where holding value is critical. They are not rated for overhead applications or in situations where there is high traffic.

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