What causes the slippage problem of common anchorage problems?


Prestressed anchors are commonly used equipment in engi […]

Prestressed anchors are commonly used equipment in engineering construction, especially in bridge construction. Anchorages often encounter several problems in actual use. Today, we mainly talk about what causes the problem of sliding beam.

Reasons for anchorage slipping:
1. Rusty anchors and fixtures lead to slippery beams
The principle of the self-anchoring system anchor is to bite the steel strand through the alveolar on the fixture and insert the tapered hole of the anchor ring through the fixture to lock the prestress. If the alveolar is filled with rust or other dirt due to rust and cannot bite the steel strand, or the alveolar itself is rusted and the strength of the alveolar itself is reduced, it may cause slippage.

2. The surface layer of the steel strand is corroded
Rust on the surface of the steel strand leads to the occurrence of the phenomenon of slip.

3. Corrosion in the anchor ring hole
The corrosion in the anchor ring hole causes the resistance of the fit between the clamp and the anchor ring hole to cause the phenomenon of slip.

The above are the reasons for the slippage during the prestressing operation. If the above situation occurs, new steel strands and anchors should be replaced in time. In addition, try not to install the anchor too early and cause the anchor to rust.

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