What is a building anchor


There are many types of fixed anchors. According to the […]

There are many types of fixed anchors. According to the use, materials and crafts, etc., the construction anchors produced by Enoli Seiko are well-known in the industry. Let's get to know this product together.

The building anchor bolt is the result of the improvement of some details on the basis of the traditional anchor bolt. The restraint is increased between the top tube and the wall, and the appearance mechanical properties of the original nylon wick are changed, so that the whole anchor bolt is in the whole. It is more reasonable and more mature.

The anchor bolts are mainly made of refined nylon and composite plastics. Its weather resistance and anti-aging properties are well improved, and it can work stably for a long time in the temperature between -40 °C and 70 °C. It can be hammered in the construction without breaking, making the construction more convenient and convenient, and it is also an economical, fast and safe product. In addition, its anti-vibration, anti-fracture and other properties are also obvious to all.

The construction anchor bolt is used in the construction, first positioning, determining the approximate position of the anchor bolt; then drilling, drilling through the insulation board according to the specified size; inserting the sleeve directly into the drilled hole after insertion Finally, hit the nail tube with a hammer.

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