What is the difference between anchor bolts and water stop bolts?


Anchor bolts are reduced water stop bolts. Although the […]

Anchor bolts are reduced water stop bolts. Although they are similarly named, they belong to construction materials.
However, the application methods and functions have great regional differences, and the appearance is also very easy
to distinguish. The shape of the anchor bolts is L The water-stop bolt is different. The water-stop bolt is a screw
rod with three pieces welded on it.
The following building materials editor will introduce the difference between anchor bolts and water stop bolts. The
characteristics of the anchor bolts are closely related, and they are suitable for the bottom to help fix the
connection. Because of their characteristics, the anchor bolts are suitable for strengthening the connection.
The diameter is a common m20, and its size can be customized according to the needs of the construction site. It
focuses on construction with large equipment. The shape is also 9-shaped, L-shaped J-shaped, etc., due to its thicker
diameter, it is used as a fixed connection for equipment. The strong fastening force of anchor bolts is a solid and
durable building material, and is often used in steel structure construction.
Water stop bolts are different. They are divided into one-stage water-stop bolts and three-stage water-stop bolts.
Different from anchor bolts, its common diameter is between M12-m18, and the weight of each bolt is about 2 kg. In
addition, the part of the water stop bolt with the water stop piece is a consumable item, which is left in the wall,
which leads to the water stop and waterproof effect. The water stop bolt is used when the wall is poured, and the
thickness of the wall is controlled by the template during the casting to complete the wall forming.

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