What is the difference between expansion anchors and chemical anchors?


The difference between chemical anchors and expansion a […]

The difference between chemical anchors and expansion anchors is that the former has no stress, the latter has stress, and the
latter will cause stress concentration in the concrete, which greatly increases the probability of damage and the structure is
not safe. So now it has basically been banned in the design of curtain walls, etc. If the drawings are to be reviewed, the
expansion anchors will definitely not pass. What is the difference between chemically bonded anchor anchors and expansion
anchors? Who is stronger? Chemical Anchor Bolt: A chemical anchor bolt is a new type of anchor bolt that appears after the
expansion anchor bolt. It is a special chemical adhesive that bonds the screw to the drilling of the concrete substrate to
achieve the composite of anchoring the anchor. Pieces. Scope of application: the fixing of various equipment foundations; the
embedding of steel bars in various building structures; the anchoring of railways and rails; the anchoring of curtain wall
installation; the anchoring of the installation of chemical equipment, pipelines, billboards, etc.; water conservancy
facilities, docks, highways, bridges Various anchors for other projects. Product advantages: Relying on the adhesion of
chemical substances, after testing, strong anchoring force, the same as pre-embedded; no expansion stress, low requirements for
substrates, can be used in cracked concrete, the edge spacing is small; the product uses glass sealed packaging, chemical The
components do not come into contact with the atmosphere, and the performance is stable. The transparent glass can directly
visualize the quality of the drug in the tube. The crushed glass (SiO2) directly acts as aggregate during the installation
process, and the bonding is more reliable; the inner tube curing agent of the product is also sealed by glass and stirred After
fully mixed and quickly solidified, the installation is quick and the construction time is saved; the chemical agent has
excellent performance, acid and alkali resistance, low temperature resistance, aging resistance, good heat resistance, no creep
at normal temperature, water stain resistance, long-term load stability in a humid environment, Good welding resistance, flame
retardant performance, and good seismic performance. Expansion bolt: The expansion bolt is covered with a ring tube. There is a
gap in the ring tube. Use a hole in the wall. Put the expansion bolt into this hole. When tightening the bolt, the ring tube is
squeezed and spread out. Make the bolt stuck in the hole to play a fixed role.

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